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Orbital Engineering Pictured on the right is the Sottile House located on the College of Charleston campus. Built c. 1890 by a prominent Charleston merchant, the Sottile House is a Victorian mansion located near the center of campus and is noted for its stained-glass windows, carved oak doors, mosaics, chandeliers and delicate woodwork. Our work on this historic structure included a full range of our Forensic, Design and Consulting Services. Forensic investigations led to discovery of moisture, air infiltration, and damage from water, weather, and rodents. Lead pipe and knob and tube wiring were still in active use. We designed new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to replace the existing original building systems. Additionally, we added supplemental dehumidification and outdoor air to pressurize the house. All this work was done without disturbing the original fabric of the structure except for kitchen and bathroom upgrades. Today it houses the College’s Division of Institutional Advancement.